It’s the lunar new “Year of the Rabbit” and my mind momentarily drifts

2nd February 2023

I’m staring at three red packets received from my uncle has just given me. They’re for my three sons. People tell me I’m “so” lucky. Three boys! I must be proud and doubtless they’ll succeed in life; whatever success really means. Truthfully, I am lucky and I am proud, but mostly I’m stressed – wondering if all three will succeed. But like the Chinese idiom says, a smart rabbit has three burrows.

With so much unpredictability in life there’s no certainty all the boys will achieve their ambitions but with three there’s a greater chance of one succeeding and the same applies to investing for retirement. Diversification is key to long term wealth creation and by investing in more than one asset class, like the smart rabbit with three burrows, you’re spreading risk, and like me with my sons, increasing your chances of success.

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