MPF Performance Survey

Launched in December 2009, the MPF Performance Survey is a comprehensive investment survey of Hong Kong MPF funds, including master trust schemes and industry schemes.

Produced monthly, the MPF Performance Survey covers all major investment options within these MPF schemes allowing subscribers to benchmark performance against their peers over multiple time periods. Options surveyed include: Equity, Mixed Assets, Bonds, Money Market Fund (MPF Conservative Fund), Money Market Fund (non MPF Conservative Fund), Guaranteed Fund, and Other.

MPF Ratings has also created a series of indices allowing subscribers to benchmark their performance against that of their peers over multiple time periods, as well as, monitor any performance trends in the responsible investment sector. The MPF Performance Survey provides transparency through the identification of actual returns to members, rather than the traditional surveys which have focused on underlying investment manager returns; figures which generally have little relevance to members.

The MPF Performance Survey represents a small portion of the data currently held by MPF Ratings and forms part of our overall assessment of each of the major MPF products in Hong Kong.

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