MPF Scheme Health Check

With Employers still dominating the selection of MPF schemes for their employees, they remain directly responsible for the cashflow to the scheme and performance of the scheme.

But what duty of care do employers undertake? How relevant is the selected scheme to employees? What diagnosis of quality, performance or health do employers take, or can take?

The MPF Scheme Health Check is specifically designed for employers and provides a thorough analysis that is presented succinctly for ease of adoption and ease of communication.

The MPF Scheme Health Check is an exceptional governance tool for employers of all sizes. The Health Check ensures a duty of care is undertaken in the selection of MPF Scheme has been discharged and that the selection of schemes is in the best interests of employees.

The MPF Scheme Health Check is an independent and unbiased diagnostic tool. It is therefore very useful as a check against broker recommendations in the choice of scheme or for any recommendation to switch schemes.

Health Check image

Each MPF Scheme Health Check Report is tailored to the diagnostic on the target scheme keeping it succinct, direct and efficient.

Key features include:

  • Specifically designed as a diagnostic tool for employers to ensure Duty of Care and Employee Best Interests are met.
  • Diagnosis over all key aspects of scheme structures and performance.
  • Intuitive Value for Money indicators on all key measures.
  • Independent and unbiased with all diagnosis and insights free from self-interest.
  • Excellent tool to review selection or switch recommendations from brokers.
  • Ideal for employers of all sizes from large multi- nationals to small companies.
  • A must have for Employers genuinely interested in good governance and the welfare of employees.

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