MPF Scorecard

MPF Ratings has created MPF Scorecards to bring objectivity, awareness and on-going education on retirement matters to the Hong Kong public.

The MPF Scorecards are written in easy to understand language, use strong intuitive pictograms and images to aid engagement, and are open for subscription on MPF Ratings' MPF Shop.

The MPF Scorecard content is updated for all MPF schemes regularly to ensure information is relevant and fresh.

Each MPF Scorecard condenses over 1,000 points of fund operations including a quantitative and qualitative review of investment choices and performance, fees and charges, business strength, ESG, employer experience, member experience, and communication and education but delivers it in two easy to read pages.


Each Scorecard is a concise and engaging summary of an MPF scheme’s performance and positioning within its competitors.

Highlights include:

  • Excellent B2C MPF performance communication tool.
  • Designed to clearly focus on the engagement of scheme members.
  • Independent assessment of all aspects of your scheme’s structure.
  • Provides details of the Scheme’s ratings and awards and market differentiation.
  • Engaging and relatable delivery of rating outcomes across all MPF Ratings’ criteria, aiding users to make better retirement savings decisions.
  • Clear sense of the strengths and weaknesses of a scheme relative to peers.
  • MPF Scorecards can be licensed by Schemes and licensed brokers for distribution to members.

Buy a Current MPF Scorecard

AIA MPF – Prime Value Choice – MPF Scorecard

AMTD MPF Scheme – MPF Scorecard

BCOM Joyful Retirement MPF Scheme – MPF Scorecard

BCT (MPF) Industry Choice – MPF Scorecard

BCT (MPF) Pro Choice – MPF Scorecard

BCT Strategic MPF Scheme – MPF Scorecard

BEA (MPF) Industry Scheme – MPF Scorecard

BEA (MPF) Master Trust Scheme – MPF Scorecard

BEA (MPF) Value Scheme – MPF Scorecard

BOC-Prudential Easy-Choice MPF Scheme – MPF Scorecard

China Life MPF Master Trust Scheme – MPF Scorecard

Fidelity Retirement Master Trust – MPF Scorecard

Haitong MPF Retirement Fund – MPF Scorecard

Hang Seng MPF – SuperTrust Plus – MPF Scorecard

HSBC MPF – SuperTrust Plus – MPF Scorecard

Manulife Global Select (MPF) Scheme – MPF Scorecard

Manulife RetireChoice (MPF) Scheme – MPF Scorecard

MASS MPF Scheme – MPF Scorecard

My Choice MPF Scheme – MPF Scorecard

Principal MPF – Simple Plan – MPF Scorecard

Principal MPF – Smart Plan – MPF Scorecard

Principal MPF Scheme Series 800 – MPF Scorecard

Sun Life Rainbow MPF Scheme – MPF Scorecard

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