The MPF Intelligence

An annual compendium that enables users to
understand MPF trends and identify opportunities
across all facets of scheme operations.

MPF Ratings’ annual MPF Intelligence is the most comprehensive summary of Hong Kong’s mandatory pension system available.

A must have compendium, the Intelligence is compiled annually and analyses across all facets of the industry including quantitative and qualitative reviews of investment, administration, growth metrics, member experience, advice education and governance structures.

One of our flagship products, the report delivers detailed insights across industry collected from MPF Ratings’ proprietary research process, site visits and from the analysis of publicly available information.

The Intelligence is perfect for anyone looking to understand the MPF industry, for research, and for developing strategies to make a mark in Hong Kong’s retirement market.

If you are an existing Scheme Sponsor or Trustee who wants to understand your particular positioning in the market, then upgrade your subscription from The Intelligence to IntelligencePLUS which is specifically tailored to individual clients and their scheme(s).


Key features of the MPF Intelligence include:

  • The most comprehensive summary of Hong Kong’s mandatory pension system.
  • Essential points of analysis summarized succinctly into key areas.
  • A “one stop shop” for MPF market research.
  • Excellent basis for strategic planning and performance reporting.
  • Excellent detail to assist with strategic planning with results that can be used for internal & external marketing.
  • Valuable MPF industry educational tool for new directors and employees.
  • Usable content for high quality internal and external presentations for staff, clients and members.

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