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We provide the MPF industry with a range of products and services enabling schemes to raise the quality of their performance, aid their transparency and enhance their governance and compliance standards. We help employers provide their duty of care in scheme selection for their employees and we engage MPF members and investors with objective education, insights and easy to understand performance measurement tools.

Through MPF Ratings, MPF schemes, trustees, fund managers and employers are all able to drive better outcomes for MPF members and investors and enhance the level of retirement savings in Hong Kong.

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The MPF Ratings products and services enable our customers and industry participants to:

  • Learn about the latest industry trends with regular insights and commentary.
  • Understand the key industry and market dynamics that impact on scheme performance
  • Compare schemes across a range of quantitative and qualitative factors

MPF Performance

Monthly investment performance survey and insights

MPF Ratings

Our rating outcomes from our exhaustive review of all MPF scheme performance and features

Research Products

Critical insights into market dynamics, opportunities and trends delivered through various services


Our events help you stay informed, be inspired and meet members of the MPF Ratings team and broader industry

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MPF Ratings present the MPF’s big winners



Common-cents tips and stories to maximise your retirement dollars

“Death by a 1000 cuts” sounds painful by being financially “whipsawed” is worse because it cuts both ways

Before the invention of the electric chain saw and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations gained sustainable investing prominence, a long narrow bladed saw that cuts both ways called a Whipsaw was used for logging. Rather aptly, the Whipsaw was also dubbed the “misery whip” because a day of using a saw that cut both […]

Become a millionaire while sleeping

Recently the regulator of Hong Kong’s mandatory pension fund (MPF) system, the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (MPFA) released “provisional data on MPF investment returns” and in doing so reiterated that “MPF is a long-term investment spanning over 40 years”, encouraged scheme members to “not adopt a short-term investment approach” while also imploring MPF’s 4.75m […]

Leap into Greatness

19th March 2024 When we think of success we don’t think “backwards” or “downwards”; rather it’s “onwards and upwards” and no event epitomized this idiom better than the 1968 Mexico Olympic games where a powerfully built American, Bob Beamon rose to a height of 6 feet before projecting himself 29 feet forward to win the […]



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Inflows surge 480% since MPFA’s landmark ESG initiative

3 June 2024 Sun Life dominates MPF’s “new normal” landscape Key points are as follows: MPF Ratings Limited, Hong Kong’s independent provider of MPF pension research, views and education today released a number of key findings following its latest review of the MPF system’s ESG credentials, some two and a half years after the MPFA […]

MPF set for best start since 2017 as local shares rebounds

24th May 2024 $41bn in earnings set to be added in May as MPF balances exceed psychologically important level Key points are as follows: Francis Chung (叢川普), Chairman of MPF Ratings Ltd, Hong Kong’s independent provider of MPF research, views and education today pointed out that owing to ongoing Hong Kong and China equity strength […]
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