Kung Hey Fat Choy! Cong Hei Fa Cai! Happy Lunar New Year!

26th January 2023

As we say goodbye to the Tiger and welcome the Rabbit what will we expect of financial markets? Will they roar like tigers or hop along gently like rabbits?

Well here’s the reality check.

The reality is whatever happens within financial markets are outside our control. By enlarge, nothing we do individually affects what happens in markets, but rather than be a rabbit in the headlight we can assume some control over financial market by being well diversified, invest for the long term and top up our portfolios in falling markets. There’s no better truism in financial planning than “time in market, not market timing” and with the Hong Kong tax year fast approaching, topping up MPF through a Tax Deductible Voluntary Contribution (TVC) is one of the best things you can do to ensure that your retirement future doesn’t lead you down a rabbit hole.

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