MPF or a Mercedes Benz?

30th November 2022

Professional footballer considers Mercedes before buying an MPF

One Hong Kong footballer explains why MPF is a better vehicle than a Mercedes Benz.  

Cristiano Ronaldo’s life is glamorous, but for the majority of footballers, life is different. The average professional footballer’s career is short so one needs to maximize time to secure one’s future. 

“My football salary won’t allow me to retire, but I’m fulfilling a dream,” laments Chris Chung, a former Hong Kong under 23 international footballer. “Outside training and playing, footballers have spare time. I take advantage by learning about money and after speaking to investment professionals, found MPF’s Special Voluntary Contribution (SVC) is the best way for me to save for my future. With no upfront costs or high commissions its a good value vehicle, far better than a Mercedes, to help achieve my financial goal.” 

So footballers like to score goals but what’s Chris’ financial goal? “My goal is to fund my university studies. By allocating a percentage of my monthly salary as a SVC the contributions and investment returns should allow me to study full time after I finish playing. In the meantime, I am aiming to represent Hong Kong at the highest possible level. That’s the ultimate childhood dream.”  

To find which SVC account best suits you have a look at your MPF Scheme’s Form Guide

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