MPF MoneyMaster Certificate

Improving each and every Hong Kong workers' financial wellness one employer at a time


MPF MoneyMaster certificate delivers practical and technical content on a user-friendly digital platform enabling your Human Resources team to complete the programme in their own time.


MPF MoneyMaster certificate

The MPF MoneyMaster certificate acknowledges and rewards employers and Human Resources executives who bring financial knowledge and wellness to their workplace.

Bringing financial knowledge into the workplace:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Public recognition for employers and certificate scholars
  • Digital logos and other promotional assets
  • MPF's "Employers' Choice" award voting
  • Exclusive annual MPF Scheme Health Check benefits
  • Social media and internet profile stories
  • Employee access to financial assistance through MoneyTree

of Knowledge

Certificate for participants and employers to showcase their achievement.

Benefits for Employers

  • Corporate Social Respnsibility (CSR)
  • Public recognition for employers and certificate scholars
  • MPF’s “Employers’ Choice" award voting
  • Employee access to financial assistance through MoneyTree
  • Digital logos and other promotional assets
  • Exclusive annual MPF Scheme Health Check benefits
  • Social media and internet profile stories

Benefits for Scholars

  • Continuous on-the-job training and professional development
  • Transferable and recognized certificate of completion*
  • CV enhancement
  • Social media and profile stories
  • MPF MoneyMaster Certificate of Knowledge
  • In-house financial wellness champion
  • Quarterly refresher classes

*Subject to completion of quarterly refresher classes and annual registration fee

Benefits for Employees

  • In-site access to MPF and financial wellness knowledgeable HR executives and resources
  • Special investment offers from leading global financial services companies
  • Complimentary no obligation investment counselling
  • Exclusive benefits and access pass to Hong Kong's only specialist money and investing portal "MoneyTree"
  • Exclusive insights from leading financial services practitioners

Course content

Episode 1. "Who, What, When, Where and Why"
Your introduction to MPF's history, its present and its future.

Episode 2. "The rookie"
A new employee has joined - what are my employer's MPF obligations?

Episode 3. "With or without the tie?"
Choosing the right MPF scheme, the consequences of not, and why annual MPF health checks are vital

Episode 4. "Game of thrones"
MPF vs ORSO. Friendly face off or brothers in arms?

Episode 5. "Do you see what I "C""
MPF contributions and paperwork demystified.

Episode 6. "Myth buster"
Are MPF fees really too high?

Episode 7. "Don't forget the jam"
What is "DIS"?

Episode 8. "It's my money and I'll do what I want to"
What is ECA and other ways employees can take control of their MPF?

Episode 9. "And I thought you said jet setting"
What is "Offsetting"?

Episode 10. "Trouble in the Suez"
Can my MPF ever be blocked?

Episode 11. "Trust me I'm a salesman"
Ethical obligations and the role of MPF scheme brokers and advisors.

Episode 12. "eMPF"
What is eMPF and how will it affect employers and HR's role in MPF.

Episode 13. "The bonus episode"
Before I take the test, remind me how much I know about MPF again?

class value
& benefits

MoneyMaster course registration $3,880 per participant Complimentary
Certificate registration and validation $500 per scholar / annum First year complimentary
Independent MPF Scheme Health Check $20,000 / annum 50% off in the first year
Employee access to MoneyTree $50 per employee / month Complimentary
Official MoneyMaster Employer endorsement logo $20,000 First year complimentary


MPF Ratings reserves the right to change or modify any contents of the
programme at our sole discretion at any time and without prior notice.

The contents used in compiling this programme come from sources considered
reliable. It is not guaranteed to be accurate or complete.

© MPF Ratings Ltd. This programme is copyright. Except in accordance with the
Copyright Ordinance of Hong Kong, no part of this publication may be in any
form or by any means reproduced or communicated to the public without the
prior written permission of MPF Ratings Ltd.


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