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Improving every Hong Kong worker’s financial wellness, one employer at a time.


The MPF MoneyMaster Certificate is a highly practical short course on MPF, designed to enhance a learner’s professional resume while helping their employer promote financial knowledge and wellness in the workplace. Delivered 100% online via an innovative and user-friendly digital learning platform, the MPF MoneyMaster Certificate can be conveniently completed anytime and anywhere.


MPF MoneyMaster Certificate

The MPF MoneyMaster certificate acknowledges and rewards employers and Human Resources executives who bring financial knowledge and wellness to their workplace.

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Benefits of promoting MPF, financial knowledge and wellness in the workplace:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Public recognition for employers and certificate learners
  • Digital logos and other promotional assets
  • Priority voting for MPF Ratings’ “Employers’ Choice"
  • Exclusive annual MPF Scheme Health Check benefits
  • Social media and internet profile stories
  • Employee access to financial education through MPF Ratings’ “MoneyTree”

Certificate of Knowledge

Registered certificate of completion for learners and accompanying official MoneyMaster digital logo for their employers to showcase knowledge and commitment.

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The course materials, videos subtitles, quizzes and final assessment will be displayed in your selected language only.


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