MPF’s best value-for-money scheme unveiled

3rd March 2023

Value-for-Money to surpass low fees as a key success value metric?

Key points are as follows:

  • Independent focus on Value-for-Money makes MPF Ratings’ “MPF Scheme of the Year” MPF’s most sought after title.
  • HSBC MPF – SuperTrust Plus crowned the 2023 “MPF Scheme of the Year” at the 11th edition of “The MPF Awards”.
  • Value-for-Money is set to become the key MPF success metric. 
  • The 2023 edition of “The MPF Awards” winner’s list.
  • MPF total asset size is approximately $1.091tr, representing an average account balance of $232,400 per 4.69m members.

HSBC MPF – SuperTrust Plus was today announced as the 2023 MPF Scheme of the Year by Francis Chung (叢川普), Chairman of MPF Ratings, MPF’s independent provider of research, views and education. The independently assessed MPF Scheme of the Year title is coveted by the MPF community owing to its independence and is awarded to the MPF scheme producing the best Value-for-Money measured across a variety of assessment areas not just performance and fees. From 2023 onwards, independent Value-for-Money recognition is set to become the MPF industry’s success benchmark owing to reporting requirements issued under the MPFA’s August 2022 circular titled “Initiative to Enhance Transparency of Governance Reporting of MPF Schemes”.


Why Value-for-Money set to become key MPF metric

“Low fees are a race to the bottom, not an ascent to the top. Discerning MPF members expect competitive fees, but also expect a high quality MPF experience. Value-for-Money is more than just low fees.”

Why was HSBC MPF – SuperTrust Plus crowned the 2023 MPF Scheme of the Year

“HSBC is an MPF governance leader. Together with strong after fees investment performance, their commitment to environmental and social responsibility made the HSBC MPF – SuperTrust Plus a deserved winner of 2023’s MPF Scheme of the Year.”

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