HSBC is MPF’s Employers’ Choice

8th March 2022

Clean Waterways Programme sees HSBC win inaugural Environmentally Responsible award

Key points are as follows:

  • HSBC SuperTrust Plus selected as MPF’s Employers’ Choice award for the 1st time ever at the 2022 edition of “The MPF Awards”.
  • HSBC SuperTrust Plus is MPF’s 2nd largest MPF scheme (See Table 1).
  • The “Employer’s Choice” was selected by almost 750 of Hong Kong’s leading employers in conjunction with the Employers’ Federation of Hong Kong.
  • Inaugural Environmentally Responsible award, given to HSBC for their Clean Waterways Programme, acknowledges MPF’s “sustainable investment” ambitions.

Due to Hong Kong’s ongoing pandemic situation, the 2022, and 10th, edition of “The MPF Awards”, which promoted the MPFA’s recently announced digitization and sustainability initiatives, was televised virtually with HSBC a major award recipient. “The MPF Awards” host, Mr Francis Chung (叢川普), Chairman of MPF Ratings Ltd praised the MPF industry on their success but reserved special praise for HSBC’s engagement with Hong Kong’s employers and their commitment to a cleaner environment.


HSBC’s unique relationship with major employers and the Employers’ Choice Award

“It remains the obligation of employers to choose an initial MPF scheme. HSBC’s standing with Hong Kong’s employers saw them dominate the MPF landscape when MPF was launched. Winning 2022’s Employers’ Choice Award is testimony to HSBC’s longevity and customer loyalty. Brand trust and confidence are crucial. HSBC’s MPF Employers’ Choice win shows HSBC retains both in the eyes of Hong Kong employers.”

Clean Waterways and the Environmentally Responsible Award

“The Clean Waterways Programme aims to reduce plastics around Hong Kong’s waters where microplastic levels are 40% higher than world averages. This is a practical example of environmental awareness and acknowledgement of MPF’s sustainable investment ambitions”

Table 1:  MPF Scheme Market Share as of 31st January 2022

Source: MPF Ratings

For a list of all winners at “The 2022 MPF Awards”, please click here.

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