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2022 MPF Awards

2022's edition of The MPF Awards was broadcast on 3rd March 2022.

Watch again as MPF Ratings adds spark to the MPF industry’s journey towards “Digital Transformation and Sustainable Investing” by rolling out the red carpet for the 2022 edition of “The MPF Awards” and the announcement of MPF’s Scheme of the Year.

Too busy to watch the entire show, or want to watch your favourite bits? Click on the time stamps below to find your favourite part(s).

Chapters and time stamps:

00:05   Weight loss, bad hair and MPF
01:05   Let the show begin
01:42   Digital transformation and sustainable investing
02:16   #MoneyMaster, #Methodic #SparkChange
04:00   Gold Ratings and Consistent Performers
06:53   10 year anniversary special: Fidelity and My Choice
07:10   Business Growth qualitative awards
10:08   Business Retention qualitative awards
11:46   The E, the S and the G awards
14:17   The pointy end – Employers’ and People’s Choice awards
17:40   From Hollywood Rd HK to Hollywood
18:33   The red carpet: 2022 MPF Scheme of the Year
24:50   Funny Credits

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